Diamond Mind Drops


This potent formula is made from the finest Chinese tonic herbs to support mental acuity and is a superb general tonic. It features Tibetan Rhodiola sacra, one of the three sacred herbs of the Himalayas for over a thousand years.

  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Superior grade brain tonic herbs
  • Supports cognition and memory
  • For creative people
  • Supports yoga and meditation


Diamond Mind Drops

Dragon Herbs
2 fl oz., 60 ml
1 squirt = 0.75 ml

Diamond Mind Drops is designed to support the mind. It contains the root of the remarkable Himalayan adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola sacra. Tibetan Rhodiola grows at more than 14,700 feet above sea level, above the snowline, under extremely adverse conditions. Rhodiola sacra has been used for centuries in Himalayan culture to support mental energy, depth of thought, mental endurance and wisdom. This herb supports oxygen flow to the brain.

Standardized Ginkgo biloba, another ingredient in Diamond Mind Drops, has been demonstrated to improve blood flow in the brain and to deliver increased oxygen to brain cells, thus it may improve cognition, especially when combined with Himalayan Rhodiola. Polygonatum rhizome is one of the most precious herbs used by Taoists to build the Three Treasures and to enhance life force. It has been used for centuries in the Orient to rejuvenate the brain and enhance mental power. Each of the other herbs in this foris made from mula has been used for centuries to support concentration, focus, memory and mental energy. Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus • – Siberian Ginseng) and Schizandra fruit (Schizandra chinensis) have been demonstrated to improve concentration and memory in normal, healthy individuals. Polygonatum sibericum has traditionally been used to restore energy to the brain after prolonged mental work.

The benefits of Diamond Mind Drops are by no means limited to the mind. The herbs in this formula also have powerful general tonic benefits that will support physical vitality, mood, blood flow and cardiovascular functions. Dragon Herbs Diamond Mind Drops is a high potency herbal extract. The complete range of active phytochemicals are fully extracted.

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Ginkgo biloba leaf (standardized to 24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides and 6% Terpene Lactones), Tibetan Rhodiola root, Polygonatum sibericum rhizome, Schizandra fruit, Eleuthero root.
Other ingredients: Water, Grain Alcohol (30% by volume)

Tonifies Qi, promotes circulation and tonifies Kidneys. Helps Qi ascend to the brain. Improves mental alertness and stamina.

Poor memory, poor concentration and focus, lack of mental energy

Take 3-12 squirts per day as desired. Shake well before each use.
80 servings per bottle

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Ginkgo Biloba >>

There are some species in the animal and plant kingdoms that have been in existence virtually unchanged for several hundred million years. The ginkgo biloba tree, native to Asia, is one such species that has achieved longevity; interestingly, its leaves contain extracts that may help assure that human longevity is experienced with clarity and a satisfactory state of wellness.

Ginkgo Trees grow to soaring heights and are recognized by their distinctively exotic fan-shaped leaves that have a notch in their centers. The trees can live for about 3,000 years.

The Ginkgo biloba tree may have been in existence for approximately 300 million years. Extracts from its leaves have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years, and it is currently dispensed as a remedy by European physicians who write in excess of 1.2 million prescriptions for ginkgo per month. Generally, ginkgo is used to “improve cerebral circulation, mental alertness and overall brain functioning.”

It is therefore easy to discern why many articles point to ginkgo biloba as a natural dietary supplement that the elderly can use to their advantage.

The authors write that ginkgo leaves are effective for those who have symptoms stemming form reduced blood flow to the brain and extremities. In addition, it has been of assistance to elderly people who have problems with memory and cognitive function such as slow thinking and reasoning, as well as more physical complaints such as tinnitus, headaches and age-related macular degeneration, or loss of sight.

Since 1975, more than 34 human studies on ginkgo were published. these studies demonstrated that the leaf “works by increasing blood flow throughout the body and the brain. Ginkgo increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP, the universal energy molecule). It also improves the brain’s ability to metabolize glucose, prevents the platelet aggregation inside arterial walls by keeping them flexible, improves the transmission of nerve signals and acts as a powerful antioxidant.”

In The A to Z Guide to Healing Herbal Remedies by Jason Elias, M.A., L.A.c., and Shelagh Ryan Masline, the authors state, :Ginkgo has a unique ability to inhibit a process called platelet activity factor (PAF). PAD plays a major role in many of your body’s processes, such as blood flow and blood clots. By blocking PAF, ginkgo exhibits tremendous healing possibilities.

“As ginkgo improves blood flow to all parts of the body,” they continue, “There may be decreased risk of the type of stroke that occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked; heart attack prevention (by reducing the blood clots that cause them); and stimulation of memory and reaction time (again by increasing blood flow to the brain).”

Ronald G. Reicher, N.D., in his article “Herbs for a Bright Future”, points out that “What makes ginkgo so effective is its active ingredients: a group of naturally occurring chemicals galled ginkgo flavone glycosides. These active components…increase circulation in both larger blood vessels (arteries) and smaller blood vessels (capillaries) making it ideal not only for dementia but also for other circulatory problems including poor blood flow to the legs.”

Another consumer health publication notes “Ginkgo biloba produces leaves that are a rich source of bioflavonoids (kaempferol and quercetin), terpenes (ginkgolides) and other constituents which are proving invaluable in the treatment of circulatory problems, hearing loss, certain eye disorders and other conditions.”

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Rhodiola Sacra  >>

Oxygen Utilization
Consumption of a small amount of Tibetan Rhodiola sacra extract significantly improves a person’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. This is a major key to the incredible benefits associated with this herb. When you consume Tibetan Rhodiola sacra, it is not unlike inhaling pure oxygen.

Memory, Mental Focus, Logic and Creativity
Tibetan Rhodiola sacra is a superior tonic for those who work behind a desk or at a computer terminal for long periods of time. It is a powerful brain tonic and alertness enhancer. People who consume Rhodiola sacra find that they can work for much longer without losing their ability to concentrate and create. It is a superb herb for writers, executives, lawyers, etc.

Stress Protection
Tibetan Rhodiola sacra is especially beneficial to those who live under stressful conditions. Rhodiola sacra helps modulate the body’s stress response, and thus protects against the physical side effects of occasional acute stress. All this is due to its powerful adaptogenic activity. People stay focused and far less fatigued even under short-term severe stress. Rhodiola sacra is the ideal herbal supplement for the modern world.

A Spiritual Tonic
This incredible herb has long been used by the Tibetan monks to enhance their spiritual power, the power of concentration and physical endurance. It has undoubtedly played a major role in the development of Tibetan culture. It is a superb herb to take before meditation, since it supports respiration, clears the mind and supports focused mental states. Tibetan Rhodiola sacra gained its name because it is considered a sacred herb in Tibet and Bhutan.

Physical Energy and Endurance
Evidence has shown that Tibetan Rhodiola sacra is in many ways more powerful than Ginseng, and, for that matter, every other adaptogenic herb in the world. It is a superb herb for people who work very hard physically. Rhodiola sacra has been shown to improve physical endurance. It has been shown to be a superb tonic and energizer for those into physical fitness and for athletes, including extreme athletes.

Weight Management
Rhodiola sacra
 may be used by people of excessive weight to help in losing fat because it increases respiratory power and can act as a thermogenic agent. By providing increased oxygen, Rhodiola sacra improves the ability to lose weight through exercise.  Rhodiola sacra supports muscle gain and fat loss, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.  Consult your health care provider, before starting any weight loss program.


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