Ming Tong Reishi Mushroom Extract (32)


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Reishi is traditionally considered the world’s most precious food and was once available only to emperors and royalty. Each pack is equal to the essence of 6 grams of dried Reishi Mushroom. Our Reishi extract retains the pure, authentic taste of the original mushroom.


Ming Tong Reishi Mushroom Extract

(Ling Zhi Granules)

1.5 gram each pack – 32 packs

Min Tong Reishi (Ling Zhi, Ganoderma lucidum) granule extract is made from only the finest variety of mature red Reishi mushroom, organically grown in China and concentrated through water extraction. Reishi is traditionally considered the world’s most precious food and was once available only to emperors and royalty. Each pack is equal to the essence of 6 grams of dried Reishi Mushroom. Our Reishi extract retains the pure, authentic taste of the original mushroom.

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Chinese Pin Yin

Ling Zhi extract – Reishi Mushroom – Lucidum Ganoderma 1.5mg

Dissolve one pack of Reishi extract into one cup of water, sweeten with honey or juice if desired, drink once or twice daily.

Discount: $30.00 each when you buy 2 or more

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Ling Zhi (Ganoderma), a member of the family of fungi, is one of the most precious and rare wild medicinal plants in China. Tradition of the Chinese people say “Ling Zhi, the miraculous plant, has the virtue of raising the dead and giving him life again.” This is enough to prove how high Ling Zhi is appraised for the invaluable qualities it possesses as a pharmaceutical plant. “The Chinese Materia Medica”, a pharmacopia by our world-famous pharmacologist Li Shih-Chen, justifies this valuation of ancient times and depicts: “Ling Zhi strengthens the heart, increase vitality, and mental activity, and preserves one’s youthful complexion”.

Ling Zhi contains ergosterol, organic acid, 6-Amino glucose, resin, mannitolum, proteinum hydolysatum, biogenic base, meat fat, dicaumandum and a variety of enzymes.

It is prepared from wild Ling Zhi through strict scientific processes. It helps a great deal to promote the function of the heart and the mental activities, increase vigor, strengthen the joints, invigorate the sinews, build the bones and beautify the complexion. It brings about results to accelerate blood circulation, dispel fatigue and safeguard the liver. It is efficacious for neurasthenia and chronic bronchitis. A regular daily dose as prescribed keeps one always healthy and strong, preserves complexion and assures one’s longevity.
Ling Zhi, the ancient Chinese herb – Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) belongs to the basidiomycotina class of fungi. It is the rarest and most precious Chinese medical herbs. Legend describes Ling Zhi as the “Spiritual essence” and has the miraculous power or raising the dead to life. The oldest Chinese medical directory, “Shen Lung’s Medica”, and the most respected medical bible of Chinese medicine, “The Chinese Herbal Materia Medica”, both rated Ling Zhi as superior and the best among all other Chinese herbs. To be ranked as superior, a herb must not be intrusive. It must have healing power with no side effects. Ling Zhi has both of these qualities. Ling Zhi was said to strengthen the heart, provide energy, improve memory, restore sensitivity, promote blood circulation, improve complexion and can lead to longevity.

Ling Zhi, the modern medical aspiration – Modern studies from Japan backed the findings of the Chinese medica. Researchers found that Ling Zhi contains high content of Germanium, Complex Polysaccharides and Triterpenoids. Its Germanium content is 4 to 6 times higher than Ginseng. All of these substances are known to be effective for strengthening the immune system and restoring normal bodily functions. Ling Zhi attracted medical attention for its effect in preventing and mitigating a variety of clinical conditions:

Neurasthenia, Insomnia, Amnesia
Influenza and common cold
Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma
Allergic disorders (allergic and chronic rhinitis)
Hypertension and Hypotension
Coronary heart diseases, Arrhythmia
High Cholesterol (LDL)
Stomach ache
Arthritis, Rheumatism
Back pain
Skin Care
Allergic dermatosis
Hair loss
Female endocrine disorder, Female physiological disease, menstrual disorder
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Stroke, Hyperlipidemia, Thombosis
Longevity and protection against diseases

Wild Ling Zhi in Natural Habitat – Chinese doctors have long stressed the importance of harvesting Ling Zhi in its natural habitat. However, Ling Zhi is very selective of its environment and can only be found in the deepest part of untamed mountain forests. Due to its rarity, most of the products in the present market are made from artificially cultivated Ling Zhi. These Ling Zhi are grown in green houses and are harvested one year after germination. Not only are wild Ling Zhi darker in color, stronger in aroma and harder than cultivated Ling Zhi, many of the complex and active ingredients in the wild Ling Zhi cannot be found in cultivated Ling Zhi. With the help of international doctors and researchers, Vita Green has made possible the output of wild Ling Zhi products. Vita Green Ling Zhi Capsules are made from 100% wild Ling Zhi harvested in the natural forests of China.

According to the Chinese Medica, there are many species of Ling Zhi, but only six species of Ling Zhi are considered effective. These six species are sorted into five types, according to their healing power. The human body is said to be divided into five paths. Different Ling Zhi nourishes different paths of the body; violet and red Ling Zhi for joints, skin and hear, white Ling Zhi for lung, green Ling Zhi for liver, yellow Ling Zhi for spleen and intestines and black Ling Zhi for brain and kidney. Taking all five types of Ling Zhi is essential for an overall strengthening of bodily functions.

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