22 Reishis Drops


  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • A unique formula in the entire world
  • Made with 22 WILD mushrooms from the pristine wild forest of China’s 10 great mountains
  • Each mushroom is a phytochemical treasure house
  • Each mushroom is similar to Reishi, but different***Coupons/Discounts do not apply to this product



22 Reishis Drops

Dragon Herbs

2 fl oz. (60 ml)

A blend of 22 rare wild woody mushrooms used for centuries in Asia to provide all Three Treasures at an ultimate level only available from the Fungi Kingdom. Some are considered to be varieties of Reishi, others are considered to be powerful in their own ways. It is extracted by a special process that enhances its potency.

22 Reishis Drops is a unique, extremely potent tonic mushroom extract based on current and traditional “wild woody mushroom” connoisseur-usage in Asia. 22 Reishis Drops was ten years in the making and is a supreme herbal achievement that serious herbal connoisseurs will appreciate and enjoy. There are a few “Reishi emporiums” in China that sell very powerful, wild-collected woody mushrooms that are all categorized as “Reishi-related.”There are 22 varieties of mushrooms available in all these specialty emporiums. 22 Reishi Drops is a collection of  all 22 of these powerful tonic mushrooms and has had them extracted together using the world’s most advanced extraction technology to produce an over-the-top protective tonic mushroom elixir. The mushrooms used to make 22 Reishis Drops are 100% wild. Some of the mushrooms were growing in pristine nature for decades. The mushrooms have an extraordinary range of activities that protect and support our glowing health. All wild “Reishis” have powerful Shen tonic properties, so this formulation is both an immunological powerhouse and a spiritual elixir of the highest order. 22 Reishis Drops contains Reishi-related woody mushroom from the major mountains of Asia, including the Himalayas, Changbai Mountain, Heaven Mountain, Song Mountain, the Kunlun Mountains, Wuyi Mountain, the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) and others. 22 Reishis Drops belongs in every serious tonic power-user’s home elixir bar. Because the mushrooms are rare and wild, quantities each year are very limited. There will be some natural variation from batch to batch, but there will never be any mushroom product more potent than any batch of 22 Reishis Drops.

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Wild Ice Man’s Fungus fruiting body, Wild White Hoof Reishi fruiting body, Wild Chinese Yew Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Black Reishi fruiting body, Wild Green Reishi fruiting body, Wild Antrodia fruiting body, Wild Bamboo Yellow Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Tibetan White Reishi fruiting body, Wild Spotty Brown Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Artist’s Conk fruiting body, Wild Red Bamboo Reishi fruiting body, Wild Thin Cap Reishi fruiting body, Wild Backward Stem Purple Reishi fruiting body, Wild Red Reishi fruiting body, Wild Golden Reishi fruiting body, Wild Stemless Red Reishi fruiting body, Wild Purple Reishi fruiting body, Wild Beehive Reishi fruiting body, Wild Siberian Chaga fruiting body, Wild Tiger Milk Reishi fruiting body, Wild Black Hoof Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Pine Needle Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Coriolus fruiting body.

Other ingredients: Water, Grain Alcohol (30% by volume)

Tonifies Jing, Qi and Shen, regulates Yin and Yang, supports protective Qi, stabilizes Shen, nourishes the brain; enters all twelve meridians and organs, and all eight psychic channels; up-regulates all three Dantian; supports longevity, nurtures wisdom


3-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your health care practitioner

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Ling Zhi (Ganoderma), a member of the family of fungi, is one of the most precious and rare wild medicinal plants in China. Tradition of the Chinese people say “Ling Zhi, the miraculous plant, has the virtue of raising the dead and giving him life again.” This is enough to prove how high Ling Zhi is appraised for the invaluable qualities it possesses as a pharmaceutical plant. “The Chinese Materia Medica”, a pharmacopia by our world-famous pharmacologist Li Shih-Chen, justifies this valuation of ancient times and depicts: “Ling Zhi strengthens the heart, increase vitality, and mental activity, and preserves one’s youthful complexion”.

Ling Zhi contains ergosterol, organic acid, 6-Amino glucose, resin, mannitolum, proteinum hydolysatum, biogenic base, meat fat, dicaumandum and a variety of enzymes.

It is prepared from wild Ling Zhi through strict scientific processes. It helps a great deal to promote the function of the heart and the mental activities, increase vigor, strengthen the joints, invigorate the sinews, build the bones and beautify the complexion. It brings about results to accelerate blood circulation, dispel fatigue and safeguard the liver. It is efficacious for neurasthenia and chronic bronchitis. A regular daily dose as prescribed keeps one always healthy and strong, preserves complexion and assures one’s longevity.
Ling Zhi, the ancient Chinese herb – Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) belongs to the basidiomycotina class of fungi. It is the rarest and most precious Chinese medical herbs. Legend describes Ling Zhi as the “Spiritual essence” and has the miraculous power or raising the dead to life. The oldest Chinese medical directory, “Shen Lung’s Medica”, and the most respected medical bible of Chinese medicine, “The Chinese Herbal Materia Medica”, both rated Ling Zhi as superior and the best among all other Chinese herbs. To be ranked as superior, a herb must not be intrusive. It must have healing power with no side effects. Ling Zhi has both of these qualities. Ling Zhi was said to strengthen the heart, provide energy, improve memory, restore sensitivity, promote blood circulation, improve complexion and can lead to longevity.

Ling Zhi, the modern medical aspiration – Modern studies from Japan backed the findings of the Chinese medica. Researchers found that Ling Zhi contains high content of Germanium, Complex Polysaccharides and Triterpenoids. Its Germanium content is 4 to 6 times higher than Ginseng. All of these substances are known to be effective for strengthening the immune system and restoring normal bodily functions. Ling Zhi attracted medical attention for its effect in preventing and mitigating a variety of clinical conditions:

Neurasthenia, Insomnia, Amnesia
Influenza and common cold
Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma
Allergic disorders (allergic and chronic rhinitis)
Hypertension and Hypotension
Coronary heart diseases, Arrhythmia
High Cholesterol (LDL)
Stomach ache
Arthritis, Rheumatism
Back pain
Skin Care
Allergic dermatosis
Hair loss
Female endocrine disorder, Female physiological disease, menstrual disorder
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Stroke, Hyperlipidemia, Thombosis
Longevity and protection against diseases

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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