Dragon’s Blood (Xuejie)

Dragon's Blood (Xuejie)

Pharmaceutical Name: Sanguis Draconis
Botanical Name: Daemonorops draco Bl.
Common Name:Calamus Gum
Dragon’s Blood
Source of Earliest Record: Xinxiu Bencao
art Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The red resinous secretion from the fruit and stem is collected during the summer. It is heated or steamed into a solid resin, then pounded into powder.
Properties and Taste: Sweet, salty, and neutral
Meridian: Heart and liver
Functions: To stop bleeding and promote the healing of wounds
To invigorate blood and remove stagnation
To stop pain
Indications and Combinations: 1.     Hemorrhages due to external injuries.
*Can be taken alone for external use, or it can be combined with Cattail pollen (Puhuang).

2.     Chronic ulcers.
*Use with Frankincense (Ruxiang) and Myrrh (Moyao) for external use.

3.   Swelling and pain due to blood stagnation caused by external injuries.
*Use with Frankincense (Ruxiang) and Myrrh (Moyao) in the formula Qili San.
Dosage: 1-1.5 g in pill form
Cautions: This herb is contraindicated in the absence of signs of blood stagnation.