Ching Chun Bao


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Strengthening the brain, enhancing memory, helping resist fatigue, anti-aging, postponing and reducing the growth of grey hair, enabling adults to maintain their exuberant vigor and preventing premature senility, enhancing immunity, improving functions of the heart, etc.

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Ching Chun Bao
Anti-Aging Tablets
Hangzhou Second Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Works, Hangzhou, China

80 tablets

Just as its name implies, Ching Chun Bao anti-aging tablets are a drug with distinctive effect of the long maintenance of youth and the postponement of aging. Composed purely of Chinese medicines, this drug was formerly an imperial nostrum of the Yonle Imperial Hospital of the Ming Dynasty of China. After taking this drug, Ming Cheng Zu (the 3rd emperor of the Ming Dynasty) Zhu Di greatly appreciated its outstanding effect and specially designated it as “prolonging life and maintaining youth forever” as praise.
The original formula of Ching Chun Bao has just been found in recent years, when historic files were sorted out. The meding department of china gave the nostrum to the Hanzhou Traditional Chinese Medicinal Institute and the Hanzhou Second Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Works for analysis and research. As a result, it has been found that this drug has outstanding effect of the maintenance of youth and postponement of aging. The researchers even attempted to add or delete a few ingredients to or from the formula to change the proportions of the ingredients slightly by keeping the ingredients unchanged and the results were both far inferior to the affect of the original formula and the proportions. It is thus clear the accuracy of the formula really commands admiration.

With regard to this formula, Chinese medical experts have made a great number of scientific tests and determinations for a long time; through the research of molecular biology, measuring the increase of DNA with a liquid scintillascope; through the determination of the non-specific immunity, it has been found that this drug has evident influence on phagocytes, with modern pharmacology, obtaining such good data as those relating to the resistance against oxygen deficit, fatigue, chills, sedation etc, and through long term raising tests, observing silkworm production of cocoons, growth and egg-laying rate, small dog’s growth, etc. Thus the excellent properties of Ching Chun Bao have further been confirmed.

Clinical tests have also proven the excellent effects of Ching Chun Bao. In general, middle-aged or old persons will have an evident self-felt sensation of youthfulness if they take this drug in succession for two to three months and all their vigor, strength, memory, and thinking will remarkably be improved as if they were a dozen years younger. Some women at the age when menstruation has paused for a half year have unexpectedly got their menstruation resumed after they took this drug for two to three months. This is also enough to prove the excellent affect of Ching Chun Bao on the promotion of endocrine.

As Ching Chun Bao anti-aging tablets are a slow mild tonic prescription which is prepared from mild Chinese medicines, this drug take evident effect only when the user persists in taking for two to three months.


Strengthening the brain, enhancing memory and ability to analyze problems, promoting the soundness of sleep, decreasing dreams and offering the user an evident self-felt sensation of health and vigor.

Helping resist fatigue, extending the time for doing work effectively, keeping the user full of strength and enhance his or her resistance against chills and sweltering heat.

Postponing the arrival of age critique and removing affections and sufferings owing to age critique.

Preserving the resuming sexual function, preventing muscles and skin from flaccidity and postponing and reducing the growth of grey hair.

Enabling adults to maintain their exuberant vigor and preventing premature senility.

Enhancing the nonspecific immunity of the human body, promoting the phagocytosis of phagocytes, dispelling the attacks of illness and having a certain preventative effect on cancers.

Improving the functions of the heart, bettering the nutrition of cardiac muscle, delaying the forming and development of coronary heart disease as well as reducing blood fat and preventing vascular sclerosis.

Take 3 to 5 tablets, 2 times a day

Discount: $10.25 each when you buy 3 (three) or more

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