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He Shou Wu

Fleece-Flower Root 
or Fo-Ti

Radix Polygoni Multiflori

He Shou Wu is a commonly used herb in many formulas and tonics. It has recently been popularized by its aid in re-growing hair, keeping hair from turning grey prematurely, and keeping it healthy. This is due to the herb's ability to nourish and replenish blood and nourish the kidneys which in turn promote healthy growth of hair. 

He Shou Wu is the root tuber of Polygonum Multiforum Thunb., which is produced in all parts of China. Its root tuber is dug in autumn, washed clean, sliced and dried. This is called unprepared fleece-flower root. The unprepared fleece-flower root, mixed with black soybean milk, is steamed and dried alternately and repeatedly until the root becomes black, and prepared fleece-flower root is obtained.

It is bitter, sweet and astringent in flavor, slightly warming in property, acting on the liver and kidney channels. It has the effects of replenishing the vital essence and blood, curing malaria, clearing away toxins, moistening the intestines and relieving constipation. 

Shou Wu Pian

100 Tablets  $5.50

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Wu So Seng Far So
(Hair Health)

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Sheng Fa 

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 Indications include:

Hair loss, premature grey hair, dizziness, blurred vision, spermatorrhea, deficiency of vital essence, deficiency of blood, lassitude of the loins and legs. Deficiency of the liver-yin and kidney-yin accompanied with hyperactivity of the liver-yang with manifestations of dizziness, blurred vision and numbness of the extremities. Chronic malaria due to deficiency of both Qi and blood. Sores, swelling, scrofula. Constipation due to deficiency of the blood and dryness of the bowels.  


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