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Tien Chi Tablets and Powder

(Pseudoginseng Tablets - Raw)

Guangxi Produce


36 Tablets (18g)

 One bottle of powder (40 g)


Yunnan Province is a large natural botanical garden in China. Tien Qi is a well-known herb of Yunnan. Chinese herbalists have attested to the potential of Tien Qi powder. Notoginseng, also known as pseudoginseng is an excellent medicine for stopping bleeding, reducing swelling and bruising and acting as an anti-inflammatory. It is valuable for trauma and in chronic internal bleeding disorders. It is the chief ingredient in Yunnan Paiyao, and in fact, as a single herb, may be a stronger topical hemostatic. Modern research has also indicated its usefulness in lowering blood pressure and reducing high blood cholesterol. This is raw Notoginseng. In its steamed or prepared form, it is used as a blood tonic.*


Chinese Pin Yin

Common Name

Latin Name

Tien Qi (Raw)


Radix Notoginseng          100%

Other ingredients: Corn starch, dextrin. 


Arresting bleeding by resolving blood stasis and promoting blood circulation to relieve pain. 


Various kinds of internal/external bleeding, especially bleeding accompanied with blood stasis. Traumatic injuries with blood stasis, swelling and pain. Angina pectoris with blood stasis, swelling and pain. Use internally for swelling, bruising or bleeding in acute trauma. Useful in other bleeding disorders including postpartum bleeding, nosebleed, blood in urine or stool, bleeding ulcer, and menorrhagia. Apply topically to stop bleeding wounds.


Take 4 to 6 tablets, 3 times a day with warm water. Powder:  Mix 1 to 2 teaspoonful with warm water, take 2 times a day (morning and evening). Can also be added to milk, coffee, any meat soup or stewed chicken, in such a dose as is compatible in taste with the respect to beverage.


In cases of bleeding accompanied with Deficient of Yin and dryness of mouth, it should be given in combination with drugs for nourishing Yin and clearing heat from blood. Prohibited internally during pregnancy.


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Tablets (36)

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Powder (40g)

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.