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Herbs That Stop Bleeding  

Herbs that stop bleeding, or hemorrhaging, are used to treat cases of vomiting blood, epistaxis, cough with blood, bloody stool, bloody urine, uterine bleeding or traumatic bleeding.

The herbs stop bleeding by different methods, including cooling the blood, astringing, resolving blood stasis and warming the channels.  Based on the caused of bleeding and its accompanying manifestations, the appropriate herb should be selected in combination with other herbs.  For example, if bleeding is due to extravasation of blood by heat, herbs that clear heat and cool the blood are used in combination.  If bleeding is due to deficiency of Yin with hyperactivity of Yang, herbs that tonify yin and subside Yang should be chosen.  If bleeding is due to deficiency and cold, herbs that warm Yang, promote Qi and strengthen the spleen should be combined.  In cases of great loss of blood leading to collapse of Qi, herbs must be added to tonify the source Qi, so as to prevent further collapse.

It is important to remember that blood stagnation can be a factor in bleeding.  In such cases, herbs that invigorate the blood and remove stasis should be added.


Japanese thistle (Daji)
Small thistle (Xiaoji)
Burnet root (Diyu)
Imperata rhizome (Baimaogen)
Sophora flower (Huaihua)
Biota tops (Cebaiye)
Agrimony (Xianhecao)
Bletilla tuberized human hair (Xueyutan)
Notoginseng (Sanqi)
Gynurasegetum (Juyesanqi)
Sedum (Jingtiansanqi)
Rubia root (Qiancao)
Cattail pollen (Puhuang)
Ophicalcite (Huaruishi)
Mugwort leaf (Aiye)
Lotus node (Oujie)